Game Type

I’m going to be away for a few weeks, but I’ll try to keep thinking about this game (the least I can do is that!) even though I can’t directly work on it. Still don’t know what type, though. After playing Gamer Mom, and reading this great blog post from the creator, I really feel like making it plain old choose-your-own-adventure style. This is mostly because I’m pretty sure I’d suck at platformer level design, but also because I’ve made CYOA games before, know how to, and even created a website about it. But since the MLP is all about branching out and trying new things, I’m a little wary of choosing the CYOA path.

I’m also considering the RPG or platformer genres. As far as platformers go, there’s some great tutorials on AS3 Game Tutorials on how to make an art-based platformer (as opposed to tile-based). Now that I have Flash that would be a good way to go. But I also downloaded Stencyl, a really powerful game-making program (with a great free download) that looks great for making tile-based platformers and RPGs with minimal coding. Since I don’t think I’ll have time to learn a whole coding language, I think this’ll be the other way to go. 


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